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The Walnut Creek Library Foundation, Ygnacio Valley Library and Walnut Creek Library encourage young writers to stretch their imaginations and bring their creativity to light with our 2014 Student Poetry Contest.

To commemorate Walnut Creek’s 100th anniversary, “100″ is the theme for this year’s contest.

Students in grades K -12 at Walnut Creek schools are invited to enter and the contest is free. All participants will receive a poetry contestant certificate and winners may participate in a student poetry reading on Saturday, May 3 at 11:00 a.m.  at the Walnut Creek Library.

Information will be distributed to Walnut Creek Schools in January. Entry forms will be available at the Ygnacio Valley and Walnut Creek libraries or
CLICK HERE: 2014 Poetry Contest to download an entry form.


The City of Walnut Creek was incorporated in 1914 and the city turns 100 in 2014! For this year’s poetry contest are celebrating the centennial by asking you to think about the number 100 and what it means to you.

We use 100 as a marker, a milestone, a measurement.  For a city, 100 years is not very old.  For a person, though, 100 years is a very big milestone.  One hundred pennies is a lot of pennies but only one dollar.  Sometimes, one hundred is used to tell us something we don’t want to hear:  “For the hundredth time, I’ve told you to …” or “Your chances are about 100 to 1.”  We use it to mean that we are giving someone our full support, “I’ll back you 100 percent.” One hundred is an important measurement  in sports. The fastest athlete at 100 meters is considered the fastest man in the world; our football fields measure 100 yards; in pro basketball Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game, the most ever by just one player.  In science, one hundred kilometers above sea level marks the boundary between earth’s atmosphere and outer space.  And we are always confronted with lists of “the top one hundred …” movies, books, songs, on and on.

Write a poem of 32 lines or fewer exploring the theme “100”.  You are free to let your imagination run wild beyond 100 kilometers and into outer space.


 Last Year’s Winners: Student Poetry Contest 2013

Winners are listed below and you may download the 2013 Student’s Poems HERE.
The 2013 winners are:
Kindergarten – 3rd Grade
1st                 “Dark” by Megan Lewis
2nd                “In the Dark” by Claudia Nguyen
3rd                “Mountain” by Nina Statler
Honorable Mention:   “Kieran” by Esme Lurley and “Envelope” by Kiran Brandt
Grades 4-5   
1st                 “The Forest” by Kanoe Hoch
2nd                “My Special Place” by Lauren Breach
3rd                “My Special Place” by Sophie Judge
Honorable Mention:  “My Special Place” by Andrew Swanson and “The Chicken Coop” by Juliana Starr
Grades 6-8  
1st                 “Back in the Woods” by Matin Kassaian
2nd                “In My Own Little Corner, In My Own Little Chair” by Samuel Oshay
3rd                “Lost in the Crowd” by Micalyn Struble
Honorable Mention:   “My Special Place” by Gopaal Aggarwal and “Remnants of the Past” by Jacqueline Kupeli
Grades 9-12
1st                 “Someday” by Michelle Liang
2nd                “Go Away” by Sarah Moore
3rd                “Things to dream of” by Isabel Lara
Honorable Mention:  “A Special Place” by Ana Boeriu and “Proudly Displayed Artifacts” by Michelle Liang.

“Banned Books” Teen Photography Contest

Haley Z final

1st Place Haley Zeiger from Las Lomas High School.
2nd Place Maddy Zeiger from Las Lomas High School.
3rd Place Kristin Goodell from Las Lomas High School.

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2012 Student Poetry Program

The poetry contest and celebration were sponsored by InVision Communications and Design. We appreciate their support.




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3 Responses to “Student Contests”

  1. Hi!

    The Poetry Club members here at Walnut Creek Intermediate would LOVE to have you come by and share information about this year’s Poetry Contest. Would you make me your contact for our school?…then I’ll pass on any information and help schedule the date of your visit.
    Thanks Sincerely,
    Lisa Muniz

  2. It was a pleasure watching this video. Thank you Walnut Creek Library Foundation for hosting such a wonderful opportunity for creativity and expression. I am the one at 37 minutes and the main picture when you click on the video. I just wanted to thank the creators of this idea to have a poetry contest. I think it opens up many doors for children my age. – Meher George (37 mins)

  3. Meher, thank you for your feedback and for being part of the program! We love the contest and having the students read their poems.