Rob Tygett, Senior Community Library Manager – Walnut Creek Library

 Rob Tygett earned an MLIS from University of Missouri – Columbia. He had the opportunity to
work at St. Louis Public Library for 14 years, where he served in several roles, most recently as the Manager of Digital Library Services. His passion lies at the intersection of human interaction
and technology. Rob managed key projects such as: developing the Library’s “Creative
Experience” digital makerspace, creating the “Online Learning” brand of educational products,
and launching St. Louis Public Library Digital Collections. He moved to California in early
2018, where he’s continued his work in libraries to strengthen communities and enrich the lives
of their users.

You recently re-located from Missouri. What exciting new things have you discovered
around Walnut Creek and/or the greater Bay Area?   
My fiancé and I are food adventurers. We routinely trek across all parts of the bay to eat at new
restaurants. We’ve found some favorites in the last year, and we’re always looking for that next
great restaurant.

When did your love of libraries start?
After graduating college I started work in a library, thinking it to be a fun and temporary
position. After spending some time as a reference technician I had the opportunity to move into a
position where I managed a library location responsible for audiovisual collections and
equipment. It was here that my interest in libraries became more of a love for libraries, and my
career path was revealed. I returned to school thereafter, graduating with my MLS in 2012.
What’s your favorite genre of book? (Or what are you currently reading?)
I read a lot of non-fiction, and I’m an unashamedly huge fan of pop culture. If I could pick a
favorite book it would, “Our Band Could Be Your Life” by Michael Azerrad. This book came to
me at a time when I was discovering the music of the 1980s American indie underground.
Through biography and anecdotes, Azerrad provided the literary companion to the music which
was the soundtrack of my early 20s.

What’s something you hope to bring to Walnut Creek Library?
I’d like to continue developing innovative partnerships and library services for the citizens of
Walnut Creek and Contra Costa County. My passion lies at the intersection of human interaction
and technology. My hope is to explore new equipment and services that can further engage our
current users and inspire new members of the community to visit our library.

Please share some details about your digital media background.
My digital media background began with an undergraduate education in media communications
from Webster University. Over the next ten years I spent time as a production assistant for a
local public radio station and purchased and installed media equipment for St. Louis Public
Library (SLPL). As part of my last position at SLPL I oversaw the Library’s digital makerspace,
which included collaborative media stations and a recording studio.

In the spirit of the holidays, what’s your favorite dish to eat on Thanksgiving?
My favorite dish is probably the creamy corn and bacon casserole my mom makes. Unless of
course, gravy counts as a dish.

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