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Filling Our Hearts with Love Through Meditation

February 15 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Join long time meditator Umesh Bhatia as he offers this engaging workshop on how to use the practice of meditation to transform the heart. The workshop will include how to incorporate more love and peace in your life which will have a profound transformation on your overall well-being. Learn how to let go of anger, fear and worry in order to create more harmonious relationships, improve work and home environments, and experience a deep sense of personal peace and love. The workshop will include a short meditation session.

Umesh Bhatia is an accomplished Franchising and IT Entrepreneur. For 30+ years, he has successfully developed franchising and information technology businesses in the USA, the UK, India, China, Japan and the Middle East. He is a long time meditation practitioner and currently provides workshops and training to groups throughout North America and internationally where he connects meditation and spiritual development to important aspects of our daily lives. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and together they have raised two adult children.


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