MARTIAN BOOK COVERThe Martian by Andy Weir is the gripping tale of an astronaut marooned on the red planet and how he survives and overcomes despair while a tenacious ground crew tries to rescue him. A New York Times bestseller, The Martian was adapted for the popular 2015 film of the same name starring Matt Damon. The Martian is Weir’s first published novel. Weir, a Silicon Valley engineer, is the child of an accelerator physicist father and an electrical engineer mother. His extensive research into orbital mechanics, conditions on Mars, the history of manned spaceflight, botany and human survival resulted in a book that’s been praised by critics for its scientific accuracy as well as suspenseful plot and insights into the human psyche and the character of its lonely, but resourceful protagonist. 


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The Exploration of Mars

jay trimble crop Jay Trimble of NASA Ames Research Center
Wed., Sept. 14  7:00-8:30 pm
Oak View Room ~ Walnut Creek Library
What conditions await the first explorers to set foot on Mars? While people have yet to roam the red planet, NASA’s robotic explorers have already made spectacular discoveries on our planetary neighbor, including giant volcanoes, canyons and polar ice caps. Jay Trimble of NASA Ames Research Center will share details of discoveries, stories from NASA’s Mars Missions, and what sights the fictional Mark Watney might see on Mars. REGISTRATION OPENS AUG. 3


Living on the Edge

MJ MarggraffM.J. Marggraff 
Wed., Sept. 21  7:00-8:30 pm
Oak View Room ~ Walnut Creek Library
M.J. Marggraff loves sky and space. When she was 45 years old, she went from stay at home mom to a commercial aviator. She recounts her journey in her book Finding the Wow: How Dreams Take Flight at Midlife. After five years of flying, M.J.  set her sights on space, training for sub-orbital space flight. She also developed the “Space Games Challenge,” which sent a student created project to the International Space Station earlier this Spring. Along with these experiences, M.J. will talk about how much we live like astronauts in space and how preparations for life on Mars could help here on Earth. REGISTRATION OPENS AUG. 3


Urban Farming: One Woman’s Adventures
Novella Carpenter photoNovella Carpenter
Mon., Sept. 26  7:00-8:30 pm
Oak View Room ~ Walnut Creek Library
In The Martian, Mark Watney takes on the task of farming, using Martian soil to grow potatoes in order to survive. When Novella Carpenter moved from Seattle to Oakland she faced a different set of challenges: growing food and raising livestock in an urban environment. She will discuss how the ideal of self-sufficiency can lead to some strange places. For her, an empty lot in Oakland turned into an oasis of farming experimentation. It’s a story she chronicled in her best-selling book Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer. She is also the author of Gone Feral. REGISTRATION OPENS AUG. 3


One City One Book Discussion
Wed., Oct. 5  6:30-7:45 pm
Ygnacio Valley Library
You’ve read the book, now tell us what you think. Join us for a book club-style discussion at Ygnacio Valley Library. Share your thoughts and hear what others have to say about The Martian. Discussion will be moderated by Adult Services Librarian Carol Yuke. REGISTRATION OPENS AUG 3


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