Read Contra Costa

Read Contra Costa is an annual event that encourages all county residents and library users to share in the experience of reading and discussing the same book. The program runs from October 3 through November 18, 2023. 

This year, patrons had the opportunity to vote for the book they wanted to read, and the winner is The Bandit Queens, by Parini Shroff. The book is filled with clever criminals, second chances, and wry and witty women. Parini Shroff received her MFA from the University of Texas at Austin and is a practicing attorney currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Programs planned around the novel include multiple discussions with Parini, mystery writer workshops, henna programs, and film presentations of Bollywood movies. Programs will take place around the County. Find a program near you by searching the library’s events page. 

The book is available in hardback, eBook and eAudiobook formats. 

One City, One Book was a “citywide book club” and a precursor to Read Contra Costa that encouraged the community to read the selection and participate in a series of events that celebrate a particular book. The annual choice is announced in the summer and community events are planned for the fall giving the community time to read and enjoy the book. One City, One Book was presented by the Walnut Creek Library Foundation and Contra Costa County Library. View previous book selections are HERE.

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