Because of the library closure due to the Covid pandemic, the Walnut Creek Library Foundation has had to cancel its annual Authors Gala in both 2020 and 2021. The Gala is not only a festive gathering of Walnut Creek’s civic and business leaders and culture connoisseurs, it’s also the mainstay of the Foundation’s drive to raise the funds needed to support the many programs and activities that our two Walnut Creek libraries provide to patrons all year long.

We’re very pleased to report that a great many Gala sponsors demonstrated the true depth of their support for our libraries by agreeing to continue their sponsorships this year even when we had to cancel the Gala. These generous donors are listed below, with our thanks. Their commitment enables our libraries to thrive, even in the most challenging times.   

Thank You to Our Sponsors! 



Kristin & Ray Abraham  *  Kathy & Jerry Hicks  *  Mary Ann Hruska
Robin Kokemor Rangel & Arthur Rangel

Cindy & Bob Brittain  *  Cynthia & Mark Jordan  *  Sharon & James Moore
Lynn & Gregory Nerland  *  Lisa Wrenn & Peter Magnani 


Cindy & Gordon Baker  *  Maria & Mark Brown  *  Stanley Buller
Ronald Cassano  *  Cindy & Gary Darling  *  Carol & Ken Fowler
Howard & Susan Geifman Philanthropic Fund  *  Loella & Ralph Haskew
Kristin Hicks & Blair Steintjes *  Tineke Jacobsen  *  Beverly & David Loder
Kathleen & John Odne  *  Cynthia & Ward Pynn  *  Gwen Regalia
Donna Robertson & Brian Krcelic  *  Marsha & Richard Servetnick
Cindy & Thomas Silva  *  Lorie & Greg Tinfow  *  Denise & Michael Weiner 
Judy Whelan & Robert Simmons  *  Peggy & Michael White  *  Jill & Kevin Wilk
Carole Wynstra  *  Diane Crowley Young & Lance Young

Samantha & Matthew Francois  *  William King  *  Carole & Ernie Leopold
Kimberly & Alexander Moore  *  Lynn & Gregory Nerland  *  Kathleen & John Odne
Jean & Gary Pokorny  *  Carole Wynstra


2019 Authors Gala Photo Gallery

Click on the link above to enjoy photos from the 2019 Authors Gala

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